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Spouted Pouches for

Sauces, Syrup & Honey

Spouted Pouch for Syrup

What state would our meals be in without tasty sauces, syrup, or even honey to add to them? It's likely they wouldn't be anywhere near as delicious or engaging. When you're selling products like these, you know that keeping them as fresh as on the day they were packaged is important. The right kind of liquid pouch can do exactly this. It's important that the packaging pouches syrup is not exposed to anything that will degrade it because products with so much sugar in them go bad more quickly than others.

So how will a liquid pouch prevent this?

Using layer upon layer of highly engineered barrier film, we create the perfect liquid pouch for holding your delicious product. Because we laminate these layers together, our pouches will protect your product from punctures, odors, moisture, air, and UV light. When you choose us, you're choosing a company that believes in your product and wants it to last. Stand Up Pouches food sauce will stay fresher than food sauce packaged in flimsy, one-layered plastic bags. Your packaging pouches syrup will be protected from bad smells and moisture that could affect its sugar content and taste.

Spouted Pouch for Sauce

What is so special about a liquid pouch from us?

Well, here's a brief list of the features we offer:

  • Stand Up Pouches Food Sauce Window Openings – This gives your customers the ability to see your food sauces before purchasing them. This way you can put the high quality of your product on display.
  • Stand Up Pouches Liquid Pour Spouts – When a customer opens up yourliquid pouch, they can easily pour the sauce, syrup, honey, or anything else directly into whatever they are cooking. This reduces messiness in the kitchen, and it also allows the customer to screw on the cap when they're done and prevent any future spoilage.
  • Packaging Pouches Syrup Hang Holes – These hang holes allow your syrup to be hung from a display in stores. Our pouches can stand up on shelves, or the store can choose to hang them wherever they like to get your brand more attention!
  • Stand Up Pouches Food Sauce Tear Notches – Tear notches are great for one-time use products. If you're selling individual food sauce packets, customers can simply tear the top, pour the sauce, and then toss the packaging when they're done. It doesn't get much easier than that.
  • Stand Up Pouches Liquid Heavy Duty Zipper tops – Some people absolutely love zipper tops; they find them to be a convenient way to close bags without using much effort. With our heavy duty zippers, once your package is sealed, it stays that way.

No matter what you decide upon – Stand Up Pouches Liquid pour spouts, tear notches, or anything else, we give you the chance to customize your bags. You can submit a design for a custom-printed bag to be approved according to our Artwork Guidelines. Once approved, you will receive your order within 6-12 weeks. While we do require you purchase 5,000 custom-printed bags at once, this is a minimum much lower than our competitors'. Even our stock bags allow for customization. You can choose color or size and add the features we discussed. There's a perfect pouch for every brand, and we want to help you create it.

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