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Cannabis PACKAGING Can Make or Break Your Brand

canadian-marijuana-tea-03-27.jpgWill marijuana become as widely available – and accepted – as alcohol?

With more than 20 states in the U.S. legalizing the substance, the industry is really starting to take shape. Entrepreneurs across the nation are starting ventures to make marijuana more mainstream. From cannabis-infused coffee and tea to chocolates with THC added, more consumers and producers are embracing marijuana, and associated stereotypes of hippies or high-school burnouts are becoming relics of the past.

Cannabis packaging is especially important for businesses looking to find success in the growing market.

Proper precautions must be taken to ensure companies are complying with legal practices and procedures. Following these regulations helps communicate the safety of the product and the willingness of these suppliers to follow the law and be taken seriously as legitimate businesses with quality goods to offer.

There is a problem, however, in the way many marijuana edibles are currently marketed. Parents are becoming increasingly concerned with cannabis packaging designed to mimic popular candy brands, thus potentially confusing or inadvertently appealing to their children. Remember the Joe Camel controversy? We’re living in an era when parents have a whole new set of concerns for the welfare of their young ones, and it’s the responsibility of businesses supplying marijuana-based goods to pay careful attention to their retail packaging so they aren’t sending the wrong message.

Dixie One, a company that produces THC-infused drinks, mints, and candies, is gaining quite a bit of attention – notably, for its outspoken chief marketing director. Joe Hodas has expressed his desire to see millennials carrying around his company’s beverages to parties and events as they would a six-pack of beer or bottle of wine. We’re seeing a clear need here for quality packaging, and spouted pouches for liquids could be the next wave of TCH-infused beverage containers.

Whichever retail packaging companies like Dixie choose in the future, Hodas explained they aim to be proactive in clear, transparent labeling on all product packaging. New regulations are being finalized in Colorado and Washington to make sure every business selling marijuana products follows this example. The Marijuana Policy Project is also making strides in advocating for better labeling and packaging. Businesses entering this market would be wise to follow suit, aiming for as much transparency as possible on their cannabis packaging in advance of new rules and policies.

Your packaging is a crucial part of branding that can truly make or break your product. It has the power to communicate a specific message and inform consumers about the quality of your goods, or it can drive folks away if the information is not clear. Well-designed containers certainly appeal to the eye and make a statement on the shelf, but remembering to provide important info – including potential risks and hazards – will illustrate the integrity of your brand to customers. The key to pushing marijuana into the mainstream is compliance and communication – two important factors that will be easily apparent and understood when included right on your cannabis packaging.

(Image Source: http://www.truthonpot.com/)

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