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Welcome to Stand-Up Pouches

Packaging Done Right

If you're looking for high quality product packaging, you've come to the right place! Here at Stand Up Pouches, we've got the stand up bags of your dreams. Our motto is “if you can dream it, we can pouch it,” and we really do live by those words. Our product packaging is sure to make heads turn when shoppers see your product on the shelves. The best packaging pouches are the type that stop people right in their tracks. Wouldn't you just love for your product to be displayed at the front of stores? We'd love that too, and that's why we want to turn that goal into a reality. We call ourselves Stand Up Pouches because our pouches not only stand up against others, but also stand out. Why waste money on stand up bags that are plain and boring? Let's throw some creativity into the mix and really get consumers intrigued in what your company has to offer.

How are our packaging pouches different from the rest?

Well, we pride ourselves on product packaging made only from the highest grade materials. Each stand up pouch we make will keep your products safe and fresh. In addition to this, the fact that our stand up bags don't look like any others really sets your product apart from the masses of competitors. A sturdy, thick stand up pouch shows an attention to quality that many brands are severely lacking, and this is why these brands don't last very long. You don't want your brand to fall into the category of products that have been haphazardly thrown into a plastic bag without much care or concern. Our stand up pouches ensure that this doesn't happen. We want your product to shine. We want customers to look at it and think, “I HAVE to have this.”

Another reason our product packaging is truly unique is that we feature high-quality custom printing. Other packaging pouches won't stand a chance up against yours; simply put, they're no match. The product packaging we offer will effectively market your goods, whether you aim to sell food, pet treats, consumables, soaps/chemicals, medical supplies, or anything else that requires a pouch that will preserve quality. Consumers know quality when they see it, and you need a stand up pouch that puts your brand in the limelight and keeps it there for years to come.  Even better, we have the lowest minimum run quantity in the industry!

To make the process of designing a custom pouch easier for you, we have even developed guidelines for the artwork we put on each stand up pouch. These guidelines aim to make you as successful as possible with professional product packaging that doesn't look cheap or tacky. No one wants to pay good money for a product that looks like it was shoved into a plastic bag and shipped out.

Packaging Pouches and You

A lot of other companies make the same claims as we do, but do they follow through? Unfortunately, they often don't. One facet of our business that puts us on top is our fast shipping times. When you order a pouch from us, you get it in almost half the time it would take to receive packaging pouches from our competitors. As you can see, we don't just talk about being great, we prove it. Feel free to put us to the test by requesting a free sample of our stand up pouches.

So where do you go from here then? Well, you have a multitude of options. After you've received a free sample from us, you can read some of our free eBooks for more information on how we package different products and find the section most relevant to you and your company. You can then contact us if you have any questions. If you're in a hurry, use our Fast Track System to get right down to business. We know you're busy, so we encourage you to start saving time and money the Stand Up Pouch way today!

What Should You Do Next?

We know entering a site like ours can be overwhelming at first (even for repeat customers)! We want to make it easy.

SAMPLE: If you're brand new to stand up pouches, start by requesting a free sample.

LEARN: Then, move on to our five steps to perfect stand-up pouches, which will educate you on everything you need to know about designing and ordering custom pouches. And be sure to download our free eBook on how to build your brand using stand up pouches.

ORDER: When you're ready, you can order at any time.